Massage Wands

Massage Wands, or crystal healing wands, have long been traditional tools of healers and shamans. They can be used many different ways: as a massage tool, for detecting aura blockages, in Reiki/Seichim, and in ceremonial Magick. You can carry them with you, or display them with your collection of other crystals, or place them wherever your need feels most compelling.

The natural healing properties of crystals are imparted when used on or near your body. Use your crystal wand to ease tension or pain anywhere in the body, and for treating and releasing trigger points. The point can be used for directing energy toward the area that needs it most.

You can place the wand directly on the area to be massaged, either moving it in a circular motion over the area, or using it like a small “rolling pin”, Healing wands work best in direct contact with skin, but are also effective through clothing.

Our crystal massage wands make it easy to enjoy your favourite healing crystals. These polished crystal wands can be used to massage the skin, laid on the chakras or body locations in need or healing or used to focus healing energy. They are also fit perfectly in your hand and wonderfully tactile.

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